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To Aloni is a non-profit organisation with a project- and exhibition place on Kea island, Cyclades. Kea island is a Cycladic Island with unique landscapes and nature just one hour ferry from the main land. Residencies of artists and researchers, exhibitions and conferences, aswell as performances and concerts shall contribute to the cultural life on Kea island and allow retreats and encounters in a unique environment located in the oak tree forest on the heights of Kea.

To Aloni Editions

To Aloni Editions will document projects realized in or with To Aloni and allow their spreading internationally.


  • Milk & Honey – Utopias of Plenty

    Milk and honey are precious nourishing substances that link ancient myths about the origins of the world, fertility and growth with cultural history and contemporary questions of health, nutrition and ecological balance. They are the promise of plenty, abundance, happiness figuring in many mythologies and cultures. This project will mingle cultural texts and historical recipes…

    Milk & Honey – Utopias of Plenty





Irini Athanassakis

Geniki Tachidromiki
Korrissia Keas

GR 84002 Kea Island