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Milk & Honey – Utopias of Plenty

Exhibition Table Milk and Honey

Exhibition at To Aloni Kea, Greece, 30.7.2022 – 15.8.2022

Milk and honey are precious nourishing substances that link ancient myths about the origins of the world, fertility and growth with cultural history and contemporary questions of health, nutrition and ecological balance. They are the promise of plenty, abundance, happiness figuring in many mythologies and cultures. This project will mingle cultural texts and historical recipes with some pieces and approaches of contemporary art.

Concept: Irini Athanassakis and Romana Sammern, inter-university organization Science&Arts, University of Salzburg and Mozarteum University Salzburg

With works by Irini Athanasssakis, and contributions by Christina Antenhofer (University of Salzburg), Montserrat Cabré (Universidad de Cantabria), Barbara Denicolò (University of Salzburg), Erin Griffey (University of Auckland), and Romana Sammern.

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